Police Clearance

Police Clearance


Applicants from Australia who are applying for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate from the United Arab Emirates are required to submit to the Embassy of UAE in Canberra  (12 Bulwarra Close, O’malley ACT 2606 Australia Att. Consular Section, Phone +61-2-62868802) the following documents:


  •  Applicant’s clear & colored copy of UAE Identity Card OR original Finger Print Certificate issued by the Australian Police and authenticated by the Australian Department Foreign Affairs & Trade in one of the Australian States capital city offices.
  • A fee of Ninety Australian Dollars ($90.00)  by a Money Order payable to the Embassy of UAE for legalization of applicant’s copy of the UAE I.D card OR the authenticated Finger Print.
  • A fee for the amount of 115 Emirati Dirhams by cash for the issuance of the Police Clearance Certificate by the UAE Police.
  • A clear & coloured Passport Photocopy ( both Current & Old passport ) as well as copies of UAE residence visas which shows the total period of the applicant’s stay in UAE.
  • Two recent passport size personal photographs of the applicant.
  • Filled application form of Criminal Antecedents clearance certificate Electronically . (Applicant should answer the last Question, (This certificate will be presented to competent authorities) e.g. Australian Immigration.
     Please download the form from our Web site ( Please Type your information Electronically,
    HAND-WRITTEN Form wouldn't be ACCEPTTED )
  • A pre-paid self-addressed return envelope to post to the applicant the Police clearance certificate upon its receipt from UAE Police.
  • A covering letter which includes day phone number, e-mail address, mailing address…. of the applicant.

Post the above mentioned documents to the Embassy of UAE in Canberra. The Embassy will send all the documents of the applicant to the UAE Police Head Quarter for issuance of the requested Police clearance certificate. This process will take up to 3 months or more from the posting date to the UAE. As soon as the Embassy receives the Police clearance certificate, it will be posted to the applicant.


Please note that the Consular Section in the Embassy of UAE will contact the applicant upon the receipt the Police Clearance Certificate from the UAE.