Police Clearance

Applicant who wishes to obtain Police Clearance from the United Arab Emirates should fulfill the following requirements and post it to the Embassy of UAE in Canberra, Australia:
1-         Original fingerprints "Using Print Matic Inkpad" from local police in Australia or New Zealand.

2-         Authenticate the "10 Finger Print" from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade in one of the capital cities of Australian States in Australia or from the Ministry of Internal Affairs in New Zealand.

3-         A fee of Sixty Australian Dollars ($60.00AU) by Australian Money Order and if it is from New Zealand by Bank Draft, payable to the Embassy of the UAE.

4-         A pre-paid self-addressed return envelope. If the application is from NZ please provide the Embassy a return envelope with two to three (2-3) stamped International coupons.

After we legalise the fingerprint, we will enclose a form to be filled by the applicant and instructions which clarifies the type of documents the applicant has to send to the UAE with the legalised fingerprint.

The Embassy does not provide a letter or form to the applicant when obtaining a finger print from the police station.