Traveling with Medication


Please note that:

  • All medications which are carried by passengers entering to UAE are subjected for inspection by UAE Ministry of Health officer upon arrival at one of the UAE Ports. The officer has the right to ban or allow the entry of the medications to the country.


  • Travellers entering to the UAE or transiting through one of its ports are not allowed to take medications which are listed under the PROHIBITED column (attachment N2) even if it is prescribed by an authorized physician / doctor in Australia.


Travellers who are carrying medications which are listed under Narcotic, Psychotropic, CDA (Controlled Drugs A) and CDB (Controlled Drugs B) (Listed in Attachment No.2), should fulfil the following requirements:


(a)  A valid medical letter from an authorized physician / doctor which includes:


* The full name of the traveller.

* Scientific name/s of medication/s.

* Quantity of medication/s which has to be carried by the traveller. (Amount of medicines carrying of by any travelers should not be exceeded for a period of 30 days of treatment).

* Date of arrival and departure from UAE.


(b) Authenticate the medical letter from one of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade offices in the Australian States.


(c) Post the authenticated medical letter to the Embassy of UAE in Canberra for legalization to the following address:

(12 Bulwarra Close, O'Malley ACT 2606 Att. Consular Section)


(d) Include a fee for the amount of AU$90.00 by Money Order or Bank Cheque payable to the Embassy of UAE.


(e) Include also a pre-paid self-addressed return envelope (Express post.....) as well as a covering letter which includes day phone number, email address & physical address.



Regarding medications, travelers are advised to read the following guidelines:

1. Please refer to the Drugs guidelines (First three pages) information sheet.

2. For a list of Restricted and Controlled Drugs ( 12 pages) click here .

For prescription medicine brought with you into the United Arab of Emirates, you are required to complete the following steps:

1. Authenticate the prescription or medical report by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
or New Zealand Ministry of Internal Affairs

2. Legalise the prescription or medical report at the Embassy of the United Arab of Emirates in Canberra Australia.
You need to send the following: 

o    The authenticated prescription or medical report

o    A money order of $90.00AU payable to the Embassy of UAE

o    A pre-paid self-addressed envelope for returning the documents.

Processing time may take up to five working days.